Wednesday, 29 June 2011

conflict girls

finally got scanner just scanned this to try it out

Sunday, 5 June 2011

Conflict summer pic

Pic I did in Portugal last year. I noticed that the water from the pool gave off this great blue shine when you were in the water and it contrasted with the strong yellow from the sun so i tried to recreate this effect in this picture, kinda works

Conflict Characters 2

more Character Designs, These four are based of the 4 elements and animals/mythical creaures.  i drew them first as animals and mythical creature then I decide to give them a human form as well.  the one thing i can say is that you can guess there personalities and what there creature form is

Conflict Character Pic

 Did this a year ago.
Its a redone picture of my own characters for a show i wanna do, the original pic was terrible, they were sick figure and had no pose absolutely terrible, so I redid it and and used pan tones .  I'm most happy with the poses of the characters should have drawn the feet but they would have go of the page.
my visual language animatic, its very dark and you need to think of it as a small sequence from a film