Saturday, 18 July 2015

Tasty Strawberry Ice cream cone

This is the second of the Tasty Collection. A Tasty Strawberry Ice cream with Chocolate Sauce and a Cherry on top. She is the sweetest and the sleepiest.
or try it hear.


This is the original concept doodle.  Using the same technique from before I tried to keep it as simple as possible while giving it a little life to.


after the rough I redesigned the shapes so they were more rounded off and appealing for the character.  I wanted to really make a cute and the roundness helped make the character more appealing.

Finally Shine and the shading.   I kept the colors very vibrant and appealing and also messed around with different shading effects for the gradient in the chocolate sauce, and shade on the strawberry.  If you want this is illustration for yourself you can find it here.

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Wednesday, 8 July 2015

Tasty Pancake

Hello Guys and Gals its been a while.  I have been working a lot recently on a lot of different animation projects to the point where I have very little free time, but I have been working on a collection of art work.  I don't have a name for the collection quite yet so I will call it the "Tasty" collection.  these images will be all themed on sweet and tasty foods with cute faces.  I wanted to try making an original collection of illustrations and this is the first of many.

The first one is tasty pancake.  Its a Tasty pancake relaxing covered in Syrup and loving it. Why because I love pan cakes and really wanted to make a character out of it.



This is the original Rough of the image and was with all the other doodles.  I have been Experimenting with colour and mostly flat shape.  it was more of trying to bring out the character it the image and I was thinking of the syrup being almost like oil and thought of a pancake tanning in the sun with the syrup.  The muppets with also a huge inspiration for there use of simple shape and color.


Basic flat shapes

I continued to build up the flat shapes in photoshop and keeping it more rounded off as possible.
the simple shapes were really important, to keep the nice vibe and character in the illustration.


after that I mess around with the clipping tool the different shapes to add the gradient shading and the reflective light and shade of the syrup.

Thank you so much for looking at the first of many Tasty's.  If you like the illustration and want it for yourself follow the links bellow.

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Thanks so much for checking it out and stay tuned next week for the next Tasty illustration. :)