Tuesday, 22 November 2016

Christmas Beard

Christmas Beard

Nollaig Beard

Hey Guys and Gals!
Here is a brand new Illustration for christmas!  I wanted to make a Christmas Card and test out some new brushes I bought for the first time online and I love them! Link to the brushes down below!  I wanted to do something different, something more classical with a twist on it.  So I have seen the christmas decorated beards and thought it would be cute to see a sleepy grampa and his gran kids decorating him with stuff from the tree while he sleeps.

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anyway lets get into the breakdown!

1. Rough

I started off with rough and used default brush, and just worked out the basic shapes.

2. Line and shape

After I finished the rough I started using the new gouche brushes to make the shapes and a small bit of line art for extra detail.  I also made a couple custome  brushes for the tinsel on the tree and for the candy cane to make it look more like real tinsel.

4. Texture and Shading

Once the shapes and line were done I worked on texturing the grampa's beard, the tinsel and the tree leaves etc.  I added a little blush to the characters skin to very the skin color and finally added some shading and little highlights .  After that I added a tinsel boarder and a merry christmas text I also made an english and Irish version just for the sake of it :)

anyway I hope you all enjoyed this break down, if you like please share it around with friends and check out my other sites.

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If you like the brush and want really good texture brushes for your own buy the here!  I nver usually buy brushes but I though I might give it a try and (lazyness and frustration on making my own)  I will probably buy more cause there really good and really cheap.  the ones I bought were the Gouche Brushes, hope this helps.

Thanks so much again for checking out my work :)

Thursday, 10 November 2016

They call me Daddy

Hey Guys and Gals.
Hope you all getting on well.  Eirtakon is over and I am still recovering lol It was a very long week but I was so happy to see so many of you and I selling a fair few posters.  I will be looking into being at more cons so if there are any in your area let me know.  Anyway this is one of my favorite illustrations I did for the con.  Its "Daddy 76"!! Now I have played alot of overwatch, almost religiously since it came out.  I love the characters and there personalities, the jokes and memes and the beautiful fan art I see online.  So I chose to do the Daddy 76, if you listen to soldier 76 audio clips he's a really dad or grumpy old man.  I wanted to illustrate the idea that he is the a stone cold serious character but also the best dad ever so under his Jacket I gave him a number one dad shirt and his kids all over him, including a baby gremlin D.VA and a nuaghty Junkrat toldler.  I think is cute and hilarious but anyway  here is a quick break down of how I made the illustration.

1.  Rough

 So I started off by doing alot of different roughs of the character but the one here I though turned out the best.  Some of the other angles I had didn't display the shirt big enough so I stuck with this one.  I used a default brush and just tried to may a rough guide and ad as much detail as I could for later on.
2. Line Art

After the rough I worked on the line art and added all the tiny details.  I also did the line with for the baby D.VA and kid Junkrat later on but added them in here si you can see what it looks like.  Hardest Part was making baby diva look like herself , cute and not too cartoony.

3.  Color Art

After finishing the line work I made a base shape for the three characters.  After making the shapes, I clipped layers to add all the color, each color has a different layer to keep it clean.  It really started looking great and after this i started added shading and highlights to create more volume.

4.  Shading and Highlights

Once I started adding the shading it really started to pop.  I kepts it very simply with a white highlight to the left and a pink tint to the right.  Also the shading was a dark blue color.  I wanted to make it change.  I really think it turned out great and will hopefully do more like this.  Just for fun.

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thanks so much again for all the support.  keep an eye out for more very soon, theres atleast 6 or more new illustrations comming.