Saturday, 23 September 2017

It's just a Flesh Wound!

Hey guys and gals.  Here is another illustration from Dublin Comic Con 2017. This is a mash up of BloodBourne and Monty Python. This was by far the most difficulty image of them all and I owe alot of credit to my girl friend Erin, She really helped me come up with ideas and get it the illustration looking right.  I really love Blood Bourne and wanted to do a funny mash up with  Monty Python and something I always found myself saying when I was a pinch away from dieing, I would say ha its just a flesh wound.  It happened one to many times when playing through the game.

1. Rough

The Rough took a very long time.  I was really struggling on whats the best way to make a mash up between Bloodbourne and Monty Python.  I had alot of help from my girlfriend,  I hadn't seen it fully before and only saw clips, so we watched the full Monty Python film together to come up with ideas.  Watching the full movie gave us a much better understanding of the film.  I wanted desperately to use the evil rabbit but also wanted a reference to the Black Knight so I have the default character from Bloodbourne fighting the Rabbit.  The Bloodbourne character looses an arm from the Rabbit and is recovering ready to go again because hunters can regenerate health if the attack quick enough so the title is 'Its just a flecsh wound' which is a quote from the Black Knight.  I also include his helmet in the forground.

2. Line

After working out the rough I started working on the line art.  each of the parts are broken in seperated parts.  The hunter, the rabbit, and the background is broken into multiple parts too.  The background is the cave the rabbit gaurds in there film and the gorund is covered on bones and skulls.  It took a long time to get the skulls finished and tried to make the ground look like there are distant bones.

3. Color

Once the line art was done I moved onto adding the color.  I tried sticking to the base colors and adding little batches for color in the grass and bones.

Lighting/ Background

Once all the color was done I worked on the knight sky and I tinted the rest of the characters and added the subtle lighting and texture like the blood stains and different textures for the clothing.  I also added the life bars as if the rabbit is a boss battle. After that was done I adding extra lighting from the moon and the characters lantern as see in the final version.

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Friday, 8 September 2017

Run, Run, Run you clever Smeghead!


Hey Guys and Gals.  Here is another Illustration I debuted as Dublin Comic Con 2017. This is Called 'Run, Run, Run you clever Smeghead!'  This is something I've wanted to make for ages.  I love Red dwarf and DR Who.  So I wanted to make a cross over image with the Red Dwarf crew and the Doctor running away from the Vindaloovian.  Its not really a real alien in red dwarf but in this I decided to make it a real species for fun.  I also used Matt Smith version of the doctor becuase he my favorite version and this was made before the announcement of the newest DR.  I think the best thing that happened with this was when me and my girlfirend were promoting the image before the con and my gf linked it to all the actors in the picture!  and Danny John-Jules responded on twitter saying he loved it!  He also wanted the female dr in there lol it was amazing!  He is one of my favorite characters in Red Dwarf.  It was very overwelming in a good way.

Anyway Lets get into the Breakdown!

1. Rough

So for the Rough drawing it took alot of time, I wanted to make it big and exciting and have a little forced perspective.  So I made the character running to wards the camera and made it a one point perspective.  This is probably the fifth version of the rough that I liked the perspective.

2. Line

After finishing the character rough and getting the faces looking right.  I usually break up the the characters into seperate layers on line art.  I showing the under line for all the character.  Its broken up from matt, the red dwarf crew, the Vindaloovian and the background.

3. Flat Color

After all the line art was done I moved onto making the shape layers for the color.  It took a while to set up all the color and choosing the background color.  I tried to make the background a little darker than the main characters so they pop a little more from the background.

4. Final Lighting and shading

After the color was finished I started texturing the characters clothing and adding the lighting and shading.  I wanted to make the coloring the main colors of each of the series main color.  So Red for red darf and a dark blue in the background and then the green light from the Sonic Screwdriver. I was really happy with the way it turned out.

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Thanks so much again for checking out the break down, I'll be posting more soon so keep a look out.

Saturday, 2 September 2017

The Crash of Us : Coco Left Behind

Hey Guys and Gals.  I finally have some spare time so I'm gonna be putting up more of the new Illustrations I debuted at Dublin Comic Con 2017.  The Con was fantastic the best part was meeting some fans of my work.  I specifically remember an awesome Cosplayer dressed as classic Harley Quinn comming up with friends and saying hey thats Madmanwithagraphicstablet on tumblr.  Never did I think people would recognise me by my Tumblr name, its the best feeling ever.

Anyways here is an illustration that I've wanted to do since I did the First one.  The Crash of Us : Coco Left behind.  Its another Crash of us illustration, I honestly want to create a series of illustrations with this concept.  I was gonna call it the Crash of Us 2 but its based on the first last of us game.  Where Ellie meets David so I have Coco meeting N Brio and there talking about the gems from Crash 2.  So its a big massive mash up of the 2 franchises.  

If you like it and want it for yourself? check out the links below :)



Now lets get into the Breakdown.

1. Rough
Okay so I started with a light rough sketch and put thought into the overall look and what the illustration should be.  Orginally I was going to use the reference from the Ice lvls in Crash two, so I made the BG Look like they're in an Ice Cave.  but it didn't quite look right.

2. Rough 2

After afew alterations I made a mix of the snowy forest areas in crash 2 where you are chased by the polor bear and the area you meet David in "The Last of Us".  So you in a delapidated building in a snowy forest.  I also want to make the theme of the picture the Gem so I have made a suttle guide for the Gem Silhoutte.

3. Line and Charcater flat color

After that I moved on to doing the line art and color for just the characters in the Illustration.

4. Background and Flat color

After the characters were done I Spent the rest of the time working of the building and the broken roof showing the sky.  The background is broken into 4 different sections, the boxes in the foreground, 2 layers the are the wooden walls of the building and the fallen roof and rubble in the back of the Building.  I also broke it up to different colors to give it more depth and that there is palce between the planks of wood.

5. Lighting and Texture

After that I added the Snow Texture using gouche brushes I bought at christmas, the snow helps the lighting of the image and give makes it look more like the dark gritty look of "The Last of Us" and the Crash Level.  I also you made the sky and put an abondoned version of the cortex building into the background.  The Text is also a joke, and the font I dont think you can make online so I made it, masked and textured parts of it too look as close the Real Last of us text as possible,  I tried my hardest lol.

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Friday, 18 August 2017

Adam West Tribute

Hello Guys and Gals.  This my tribute to Adam West who sadly passed away in June.  I Liked Adam as Batman.  He gave the Roll a very distinct feel and personality.  Everyone know Adam West by now as "ADAM WEST".  He has popped up in many different roles over the years for me my favorites are Batman, The Gray Ghost in the batman animated series, Catman, and himself in family guy.  I am sorry I put off uploading it but I have been busy and wanted to show a little respect to his memory.  I decided to do the scene where he's carrying the bomb in a more comic style.  Now lets get to the break down.


For a while now I've been sketching with a pen in a little A5 sketch book to practice instead of computer all the time so I did the original sketch on paper and put it into photoshop.  After that a added more smoke and anything out side the square to make it more dynamic.


After I was happy with the rough sketch I mover onto doing the line work and putting everything on a seperate layer to get it right.  In the pic Im gonna show the under side so it looks more like a work in progress.


After that I moved onto creating the shape layers.  Adam, the smoke behind and the smoke in the foreground are all seperate.  once I have all the shapes done I used extra layers and clip them to the individual shapes and started adding color.  Each color has its own seperate layer  so if I need to change anything I can go back.


Once the base color was done I added shading and afew highlights to make the blue on batman pop a little more.  I also made a circle gradient of dots to give it more or a comic book look and more depth to the image. So Adam looks like hes running towards you.

Hope you all enjoyed this little tribute and breakdown.  I will be posting breakdowns of the images I did for Dublin Comic Con very soon so stay tuned :)

Sunday, 23 April 2017

Gothams Finest 2017

 Hey guys and gals.  Its been way too long, I have been working on a few projects, one is a tv series  and the others are personal secret projects that will hopefully will come out near the end of summer time this year of next year.  While I've been working I have been doing this Illustration in my spare time.  I will also be selling prints at this years Dublin Comic Con.  This one will probably be on sale and will hopefully do a little mini collection of batman characters if I can come up with something original.  And be putting up more and more prints that will be for Dublin Comic.

Gothams Finest 2017

This is a parody and social comentary on Suicide Squad winning the Oscar for  "Best Make-Up".  its not the versions that were in the movie, these are my interpretations of the characters.  Its mostly for fun.  I am mad about batman character since the arkham knight game came out a couple years ago.  Essentialy Joker swipes the Oscar out of harleys hand stealing  the spot light from all the other character.  The other characters costumes and make up were great but joker was not well recieved and will always be the negative focus on them winning the award.  I still believe there were other films more worthy for the award and honestly its shocking that suicide squad was nominated considering all the negativity the film recieved.

Anyway lets get to the breakdown.

Rough 1.

I started after the Oscars had happen and saw that Suicide Squad had once best make up.  I thought that would be funny as a  gag of having Joker holding up the award, there were alot of people hating on that version of Joker and as if he was the only reason the won the award.  Which I think is untrue.  there were lots of great character designs in the film, alot of the very appealing.  Joker was probably the weekest one.  So to rub salt in the wound I have joker holding the trophy with a big grin on his face while the suicide squad look on displeased at joker.

Rough 2.

After the first rough I worked more on the characters designs and tried my hand at making my own version of the characters.  It took quite a while to get harleys proportions right, but it worked out in the end.


Once I was happy with the rough I worked on the line work.  I spent alot of time making the line work look right.  Thining and thicking the lines were there is a strong crease or a but of shadow too.


After line work I worked on colour.  taking inspiration from the Suicide Squad film.  I really loved Joker and Harleys gold and Silver costumes they had in the film.  Really loved the creativity from what you usually see in the comics, tv, or animated stuff.  I did change it a little bit by making the Jokers blazer more in the style of a bomber jacket.  Just to make him look a bit more gangster/ mobster feel to it and taking away the tattoo's because I felt it was a little to much.


Once that was done.  I worked on adding as many of the sucide character as I could.  I couldnt get everyone in but I chose Killer Croc, EL Diablo and Deadshot because I like there costumes, make up and over all appearance.  I did do my own twist on the character too, mainly Killer Croc.  I also added my own home made textures and used my amazing texture brushes I bought around christmas for the small bit of texture around Croc's face.  I also used those brushes to make Harley pink and blue hair and make up.

Final Version.

And finally I added more shading, highlights and little extra detail to the characters to make them pop plus the background too.

anyway I hope you all enjoyed this break down, if you like please share it around with friends and check out my other sites.

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