Thursday, 17 April 2014

Attack on Evangelion 100th Post

Hey Guys and Gals,

Since this is my 100th post here is an Art trade I did with my friend Dave De Keyser.  He's is an amazing animator and illustrator.  If you wanna check out his art work follow the links below.

Dave De Keyser

So the Art trade is we both choose a subject to draw and Dave gave me a few of his favorite anime shows to draw from and I saw Attack on Titan and Evangelion, I kinda had a spark in my head and this was the result, It took a long time to finish because I've been really busy.  So I took the time and an hour a day doing this.

Break Down

I started with a really rough gesture of the characters and the buildings.

Once I was happy with the rough, I started putting the characters on model and start the the line work.  Since these characters are so Iconic so I used reference from there shows to keep them on model.

Once all the like work is done I start filling in all the flat color for the characters and the background.
I used the colors directly form there model sheets or screen shots to keep them true to the show.

Once the flat tone is done I start adding in gradients for the characters and the building so they are light the same as the sky.  I add shading and two main color highlights, one from the sun and red to be the over all light.  I also added airbrush dust clouds around the characters and rubble to both show the impact they had on the building but also the sheer size of the Titan and Eva.  I also painted in textures into the ground and buildings to ad even more detail.

Hope you all enjoy, I'll have more stuff for you soon.  Also Please Follow me blog, twitter and tumblr if you want more.

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Tuesday, 1 April 2014

Female Warrior Concept art

Female warrior


Hey guys, I have been recently applying for working everywhere.  Alot of the work I do I'm not allowed to show off... but this time they let me on the condition that I dont mention the studio..... so Yay here you go, a medieval , warrior game.  I had to create a full rotation of the character and a progressive environment with upgrades so I made a base of a old house that a tree had over grown and upgrading the building you start to build around the tree and into the tree.  The full stage is where the Tree has rotten to you build a tower inside the center of the tree and a bit of a church looking building beside the tree.

Ill have more stuff soon :)

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