Thursday, 16 May 2013

Love is Blind Screen Shots

Here are some still screen shots from the film.  There also the backgrounds that look better with the Characters in the shot, one is a parody of something you might know, if you know what it is leave a comment.  I only picked three screen shots so I don't spoil the film.  My favorite one is the last one there was a lot of heavy compositing in this shot, and I like it the most. 

Love is Blind Layouts

Here are a few of the best Backgrounds in the film, some of the other backgrounds look better as stills with the Characters so I'll post the later on. The first pan is not in the final film but its still really good and took a lot of effort to make.  I used Corel Painter to make all the Backgrounds.

Shoot the Barrels!!

This was inspired by the Spider Lady boss in Resident evil 6,  well my interpretation of the battle.  when I was playing it with a friend we were freaking out because Leon has no clue whats going on and Helena is freaking out about her sister who turned to a naked spider lady and then Ada comes out of no where who is unfazed by anything while shooting barrels on a rail cart in an abandoned mine.  I had a Scooby Doo moment so I drew this.  I might make a series of images like this about the most random or funny parts of the game as I'm replaying the game again on professional mode..

Wednesday, 8 May 2013

Love is Blind

I finished my final year film "Love is blind" this is the picture I made for the poster and DVD Menu.  I'll be putting up more concept art, layout and a couple of stills of the film at some stage in the near future.  Thanks to everyone who supported me.