Friday, 30 May 2014

Daniel Bryan Progression

Hey guy here is a quick gif of WWE superstar Daniel Bryan.  I'm testing out the best setting for gif's and I want to make other animations I have into gifs to people can watch them straight away, instead of uploading them to vimeo.  Also the focus is Daniel Bryans hair growth since starting in wwe in 2010 to now I think its funny how radically his hair and beard has grown since he started.  

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Wednesday, 28 May 2014

MegaMawile vs MegaCharizard

This is a animation test I did in flash and comped in after effects.  It is more of a test to see what I can get out of working in flash and learn the program better.  I want to make a collection of these animations for a while so that there is more animation on my blog.  I'll be picking out all the mega pokemon and giving them a battle animation of some kind, the newer ones will be more cinematic than this one which is kinda flat.

the reason why I started with these two is because they are the ones I use in the game the most, well I all ways use mawile, I love her mega form and its the strongest pokemon in the game.

This is the second pass rough of the animation and the rough is frame by frame of the animation. I then did the final line for the characters using the symbols and everything the get it done quicker.  Almost everthing was broken up into different layer because of charizard alone.  He breaths fire and has an constant fire on the tip of his tail, but mega Charizard slow has fire coming out of his mouth to, all of which needed to be animated.

This is what the characters looked like after they were all finished in flash.

After the animation is done a comp it in after effects.  I dont have a break down because there was just to much to back track.

But eventually after all the the extra shading and glow effect are done it looks like this.  The background was done in photoshop and comment if you can see the easter egg lol.

Hope you all enjoyed this.  
I will be makeing this into a collection of animation tests with all the megapokemon.  If you like it share it around and comment with possible ideas for another one :).  Also if you want any custom images or comissions send me and email.

Sunday, 4 May 2014

Dr Sketchy's Mystique

 Messing around with an old style of using Polychromos I love to do.

 This one was a themed, Mystique in the middle of transforming to something, I chose a bird.

These are the best 1 minute and 2 minute sketches I like thrown together.(not very well lol)

Hey Guys and Gals these are more Dr Sketchy Sketches, This was an amazing Mystique themed event where the model was body painted to look like Mystique.  Honestly I wish I had more time to paint to model because it looked so cool with more lighting I could have done something amazing.

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Dr Sketchy Pin-Up Sketch's

Here is are some sketches I did in Dr Sketchy's in the a small gallery, honest I cant remember the name, if anyone know which one it was let me know please lol,  I decided to try to stylize them like the old pin up stuff, I might photoshop one of them.  

more on the way.

Thursday, 1 May 2014

Shipwreck Island Concept

Hey guys here is a new post, this is a concept piece, did a couple of weeks for a game.  The basis is that this is part of a set of islands that are part of a bigger map.  This is a concept for what maybe one of the islands might look like.  It has Isometric perspective and I used a slightly different process than I usually do.

I started with a rough sketch on the image and I brought it into flash. (my illustrator wont work on my computer...)  I broke up the image to many different shapes and exported them as PNG files and the colored and painted them in Photoshop.

The Lighting was broken up with dark shad on the left and sun on the right, I also had the rocks under the water which were very difficult to paint.  I was really trying to create the illusion the the rocks under the water and the blend between the sand and the waves on top.  If I had more time  I probably would have made the sun light more contrasting and added more to the pirate ship on top on the rock, and a little more texture to.

 Let me know what you think and thanks for checking it out.