Monday, 25 July 2011

Ramona Flowers Painting 2 prt 2 finished

Ramona flowers painting 2, looks kinda like her, but the jaw is wrong. I still like it, it is very contrasting and warm compared to the first one. hopefully i'll get to do more painting soon

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Mark Kilkelly said...

I know it might be a bit of a pain but I would go into the shadows and define this piece a little more. You have a lot of great form going on with the lighting but the shadow is looking a little bit flat. You could even break it down a bit by adding a little crimson and orange to the blue so it doesn't look too different and alienated from the yellow and orange. So by adding tiny hints of reds to the blue they'll work together a lot better. I understand where the rough approach to the necklace thing is coming from but going into the shadows a little more can make it look a shade tidier.
With just a couple hours more work it will be one of your strongest pieces. :)