Tuesday, 14 January 2014

Mega Mawile rough animation

Here is a rough piece of animation I have been doing with flash.  I'll be starting the fine line when I have all the fire animation for Charizard done.  The animation is of a Mega Mawile vs a Mega Charizard X from the new Pokemon game that came out in October.  I love the games and love Mega Mawile so I wanted to do a little test.  I was thinking of making this a series of animations of either pokemon I like or of the other mega pokemon it the new game.  It will be a while before the fine line is up, I'm still deciding wether to use flash or tvpaint.  we'll see what happens.


Mark Kilkelly said...

Pretty nice due. It's quiet fluid.

Niall Byrne said...

thanks Mark :D