Monday, 4 January 2016

Five Nights at Freddy's after effects animation

Hey Guys and Gal's.  This is a little test I did in after effects.  I wanted to do a little animation gif in after effects so I used the photoshop files of the fnaf characters to I made in the Illustrations.  I built up there layers and added extra pieces and body parts to the characters.  the most work was building Chica because I could really only use her head, I didn't build a full body for it so I built it using shapes and duplicated parts of Bonnie and Freddy.  I also added a couple spark effects to make the characters look more broken.  I kept the animation really stiff because there animatronic, I'd imagine they would have moved.  I also did a quick brick back ground in photoshop so the characters would fit in more. I also added a lot of shading and tints to the characters to make them look more menacing.

It was an interesting test just to see what I could do with after effects and photoshop.  I might do another one with foxy and mangle in pirate cove.  but we'll see :)

if you like the animation check out the fnaf illustrations to see what they looked like before.

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