Tuesday, 24 November 2015

The Crash of us "update"

Hey Guys and Gal's, today I bring you "The Crash Of Us" version 2.  This is the one of the three illustrations I debuted at Eirtakon this year, it was an absolutely fantastic weekend and I got a lot of positive feedback.  Anyway here is the break down.

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This was the Original version I did when the last us us game first came out.  I was really trying to make the two point perspective in this one.  I also loved that Ellie would crouch under Joel when Joel is hiding behind a box.

So I worked on a a few angles to see what works best and I really liked the sketch of Coco on the bottom left.

I took that sketch and roughed out the entire Idea and added shading and foreground shadows.

After that I worked on the like and took my time and worked on getting all the reference to look right.
I also added colour and adjusted Crash to be more serious like Joel and the black foreground shape to look like a widened Crystal.  there are so clickers and a lot of different references to the first 2 crash games while still referencing the last of us.

After that I added lots of shading and multiple Light sources.  I am really happy with the way it came out! I will also have another possible crash of us illustration after this. :) hopefully I get more time to finish it.

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thanks again :)


Hamorhage said...

Yo man, this looks so solid! The perspective and layout are spot on!

Niall Byrne said...

Thanks Dave :D