Tuesday, 22 December 2015

In Her Universe

Hey guys and gal’s.  This is the one of the illustrations I had at Eirtakon 2015.  I love Steven Universe.  I love all the characters but my absolute favourite is Greg Universe, I love his young design and his entire back story.  So I had to do one for him first.  The illustration is of Greg reaching for a the pick star.  The universe space background and everything in pink are to represents Rose. and Greg is just a comet in her universe.  reaching for the stars and his dreams. I will at some stage be doing more for my other favourite characters soon. also thank you so much for check out my stuff :) If you want to see more follow the links :) 

and if you want this illustration for yourself? well follow the links here?

now the breakdown :)

1. Rough

I started with a quick rough using the default brushes in photoshop.

2. Line

After I then worked on the line work of Greg himself .  (Fun Fact : I did the line art on the train lol) I have been doing this for a while luckily not a lot of people are giving me a weird look :D

3.  Flat Color

Once the line is done start doing the color, I find the best way to do the flat color of a character in photoshop is the make a layer underneath your line layer.  The under layer will be the base.  Once that's done you can either make the Shape of the characters silhouette with a brush or you can make a selection around the characters line. (if your going to make a selection make sure to  go select_modify and either expand or contract the selection by 2, this will make the selection go underneath the line) then use the bucket tool to make shape.  once you have a default shape you can make extra layers on above the shape you made and you can now right click and use the "Create Clipping Mask" and now the new layer will only show stroke inside the shape you made early,  the process helps keep your strokes inside the line.

4. Shading and background

Once all the flat colour is done. I work on the shading and tinting and the space background.  I made a few custom brushes to make the space effect, its mostly small things like the variation's of colors and the cloudy gradients and stuff.  The main reason for the space background is that it represents Rose, and greg is just a comet in her universe.

This last image is the alternative t-shirt version of the image and Roses silhouette is literally in the image now dispersing into pink petals.

Thanks again so much for checking out my art work :)

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