Sunday, 9 August 2015

We Love Freddy

Hello Guys and Gals, sorry for the delay but I'm happy to show you my latest fan illustration for the characters in Five Nights at Freddy's.  I am a big fan of the games, and I absolutely love the designs.  This illustration is in tribute to the main bear himself Freddy Fazbear.  This one includes the design of Freddy from the fnaf 1 and 2.  I love the design of the withered Freddy from fnaf 2, he has such a strong design and a very haunting stare. So for the illustration I chose to emulate the original trailer for the game, were Freddy is singing into the microphone on stage in the spotlight.

if you like the design and want it for yourself follow the link below.

Break Down

This is the original sketch of the design, I really wanted to have the focus of the image be the spotlight and freddy stare.  I also had the idea to try have the shading look like a skull.

After scanning the image a redrew the sketch and roughed out the upper body and added shading.  I was really with the way it turned out and moved onto the other 2 characters and started building up the shapes.

After the rough was done I moved onto making the shapes and adding the shadows and the spotlight. once that was done I added the highlighted the shapes and extra shadows to the characters.

After the characters were done I added a brick texture to the background and added afew more small details to the characters and a few stars and a banner.  I really wanted to make it look like he is up on the stage ready to preform.

anyway I hope you all enjoyed this image  and if you want more check out the other fnaf fan designs I've done and follow me in the links bellow.  Thanks so much again for all the support.  check out next week for the next tasty collection ilustration will be up. and if you haven't already check out Five Nights at Freddy's 4!! its with out a doubt the scariest game in the series.

Thanks again, :D

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