Wednesday, 9 September 2015

Tasty Rockin Rocky Road Ice Cream Cone

Hello Guys and Gal's.  Here is the Latest of illustration for the "Tasty Collection".  This is the Rockin Rocky Road Ice Cream Cone.  I wanted to choose something a little bit different from the normal ice cream you can think of lol so I chose the rocky road ice cream.  also I'm sorry this took so long.  I am very busy and these illustrations take up most of my free time, this also took a lot of time to finish because for a long time it was just a little bit off, but eventually it came out looking better than I ever could image.

anyway if you like the design and want it yourself then please follow the link below to my RedBubble or my Teepublic


This is the original concept I did for the rocky road. It was originally going to be a grumpy little rocky road. A lot cuter and has waffle mowhawk.

After doing the redesign I built up the shapes for the body and gave the ice a different ice cream cone shape to the strawberry one.  I was already working on the idea that the rocky road would the and literal rocker / punk rock.  the one this that kept changing was the face.   I was originally going to have a darker shade of the ice cream colour but you could barely see it, so I used the marshmellow instead.


After that I made a pattern for the cone and had it clipped to the 2 cone shapes and the waffle mowhawk.  I took a while of testing the different thickness of the lines for the cone some being way to thick and others were way to thin.  I also added peanuts as it they are piercings and the random marsh mellows on the ice cream.

Finally I added more detail to the ice cream with more crispy bits and a bit of a swirl that I saw in reference images.  I also added the graphic background with kind of like a splatted ice cream and marsh mellows.  the dark pink is the darkest colour for the marsh mellow and the dark brown is for the ice cream.  and the !!!??!! supposed to be a lighter colour to the marsh mellow and also represent the ice cream screaming lol.  I'm really glad I added the graphic because it really makes everything else the image pop and stand out compared to the last one.  I will definitly be adding a graphic onto the strawberry Ice cream so the match but the strawberry will be more toned down compared to this one.

Anyway this is it for this post.  I really hope you like it and if you want let me know what you think.
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Thanks again, and see you in the next post. :)

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