Wednesday, 18 May 2016

Skater moon

Hey guys and gal's, here is my latest illustration.  Its really a submission for Eirtakon 2016 and hopefully we can get in. Its skater moon!! Its a parody/ pop culture image of the sailor moon characters geared up for a roller derby match.  I have some friends who are on some roller derby teams and it looks really cool.  I wanted to do a few anime parodies with a cool twist on it. Sailor moon popped up in my head and I thought it would be pretty funny to see the Sailor Scouts in a roller derby, looking bad ass and tough.

also if you like this illustration and would like it for yourself the check out the links below.

anyway lets get down to the break down.

1. Rough

For the first part I worked on Sailor Moon, Mars and Mercury, I was originally only going to do 3 of them but thought it would look more interesting with a character line up.  I used a default brush in Photoshop and kept it rough and scribbly for the most part.

2. Vector Shapes

After the characters were all done a started making vector to build up the characters on by one.  As you can see here in the picture above I kept the characters as flat a possible.

3. full character shapes

I made each for the character full and each has a bit of a variation so you can tell them apart.  I left the background and the facial details till very last to I didn't make any mistakes on the characters.

4. final version

After finishing all the characters I worked on all the characters faces and line work.  Once the Line work was all done I made a nice pop looking logo and added a simple looker room background.  Here are some close up crops of the full resolution version.  The version I do put online is only 100.  the normal resolution is 300.

Anyway thanks so much again check out the blog, also let me know what you think :)


Rachmad Imam Tarecha said...

wkwkw, nice idea about skater moon, look beautiful :D

Niall Byrne said...

Thanks so much :)