Friday, 18 August 2017

Adam West Tribute

Hello Guys and Gals.  This my tribute to Adam West who sadly passed away in June.  I Liked Adam as Batman.  He gave the Roll a very distinct feel and personality.  Everyone know Adam West by now as "ADAM WEST".  He has popped up in many different roles over the years for me my favorites are Batman, The Gray Ghost in the batman animated series, Catman, and himself in family guy.  I am sorry I put off uploading it but I have been busy and wanted to show a little respect to his memory.  I decided to do the scene where he's carrying the bomb in a more comic style.  Now lets get to the break down.


For a while now I've been sketching with a pen in a little A5 sketch book to practice instead of computer all the time so I did the original sketch on paper and put it into photoshop.  After that a added more smoke and anything out side the square to make it more dynamic.


After I was happy with the rough sketch I mover onto doing the line work and putting everything on a seperate layer to get it right.  In the pic Im gonna show the under side so it looks more like a work in progress.


After that I moved onto creating the shape layers.  Adam, the smoke behind and the smoke in the foreground are all seperate.  once I have all the shapes done I used extra layers and clip them to the individual shapes and started adding color.  Each color has its own seperate layer  so if I need to change anything I can go back.


Once the base color was done I added shading and afew highlights to make the blue on batman pop a little more.  I also made a circle gradient of dots to give it more or a comic book look and more depth to the image. So Adam looks like hes running towards you.

Hope you all enjoyed this little tribute and breakdown.  I will be posting breakdowns of the images I did for Dublin Comic Con very soon so stay tuned :)

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