Saturday, 2 September 2017

The Crash of Us : Coco Left Behind

Hey Guys and Gals.  I finally have some spare time so I'm gonna be putting up more of the new Illustrations I debuted at Dublin Comic Con 2017.  The Con was fantastic the best part was meeting some fans of my work.  I specifically remember an awesome Cosplayer dressed as classic Harley Quinn comming up with friends and saying hey thats Madmanwithagraphicstablet on tumblr.  Never did I think people would recognise me by my Tumblr name, its the best feeling ever.

Anyways here is an illustration that I've wanted to do since I did the First one.  The Crash of Us : Coco Left behind.  Its another Crash of us illustration, I honestly want to create a series of illustrations with this concept.  I was gonna call it the Crash of Us 2 but its based on the first last of us game.  Where Ellie meets David so I have Coco meeting N Brio and there talking about the gems from Crash 2.  So its a big massive mash up of the 2 franchises.  

If you like it and want it for yourself? check out the links below :)



Now lets get into the Breakdown.

1. Rough
Okay so I started with a light rough sketch and put thought into the overall look and what the illustration should be.  Orginally I was going to use the reference from the Ice lvls in Crash two, so I made the BG Look like they're in an Ice Cave.  but it didn't quite look right.

2. Rough 2

After afew alterations I made a mix of the snowy forest areas in crash 2 where you are chased by the polor bear and the area you meet David in "The Last of Us".  So you in a delapidated building in a snowy forest.  I also want to make the theme of the picture the Gem so I have made a suttle guide for the Gem Silhoutte.

3. Line and Charcater flat color

After that I moved on to doing the line art and color for just the characters in the Illustration.

4. Background and Flat color

After the characters were done I Spent the rest of the time working of the building and the broken roof showing the sky.  The background is broken into 4 different sections, the boxes in the foreground, 2 layers the are the wooden walls of the building and the fallen roof and rubble in the back of the Building.  I also broke it up to different colors to give it more depth and that there is palce between the planks of wood.

5. Lighting and Texture

After that I added the Snow Texture using gouche brushes I bought at christmas, the snow helps the lighting of the image and give makes it look more like the dark gritty look of "The Last of Us" and the Crash Level.  I also you made the sky and put an abondoned version of the cortex building into the background.  The Text is also a joke, and the font I dont think you can make online so I made it, masked and textured parts of it too look as close the Real Last of us text as possible,  I tried my hardest lol.

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