Friday, 8 September 2017

Run, Run, Run you clever Smeghead!


Hey Guys and Gals.  Here is another Illustration I debuted as Dublin Comic Con 2017. This is Called 'Run, Run, Run you clever Smeghead!'  This is something I've wanted to make for ages.  I love Red dwarf and DR Who.  So I wanted to make a cross over image with the Red Dwarf crew and the Doctor running away from the Vindaloovian.  Its not really a real alien in red dwarf but in this I decided to make it a real species for fun.  I also used Matt Smith version of the doctor becuase he my favorite version and this was made before the announcement of the newest DR.  I think the best thing that happened with this was when me and my girlfirend were promoting the image before the con and my gf linked it to all the actors in the picture!  and Danny John-Jules responded on twitter saying he loved it!  He also wanted the female dr in there lol it was amazing!  He is one of my favorite characters in Red Dwarf.  It was very overwelming in a good way.

Anyway Lets get into the Breakdown!

1. Rough

So for the Rough drawing it took alot of time, I wanted to make it big and exciting and have a little forced perspective.  So I made the character running to wards the camera and made it a one point perspective.  This is probably the fifth version of the rough that I liked the perspective.

2. Line

After finishing the character rough and getting the faces looking right.  I usually break up the the characters into seperate layers on line art.  I showing the under line for all the character.  Its broken up from matt, the red dwarf crew, the Vindaloovian and the background.

3. Flat Color

After all the line art was done I moved onto making the shape layers for the color.  It took a while to set up all the color and choosing the background color.  I tried to make the background a little darker than the main characters so they pop a little more from the background.

4. Final Lighting and shading

After the color was finished I started texturing the characters clothing and adding the lighting and shading.  I wanted to make the coloring the main colors of each of the series main color.  So Red for red darf and a dark blue in the background and then the green light from the Sonic Screwdriver. I was really happy with the way it turned out.

Anyway I hope you all enjoyed this break down, if you like please share it around with friends and check out my other sites.

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Thanks so much again for checking out the break down, I'll be posting more soon so keep a look out.

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