Sunday, 11 March 2018

Edgy Uncle Reaper

Edgy Uncle Reaper

Hey Guys and Gals, Its been way to long.  This is the last illustration I made and debuted at Dublin Comic Con 2017.  Its also the second Overwatch illustration for a collection I will be working on.  Mostly for fun, There will definitely be a third one eventually.  Its an Edge Uncle Reaper to match the Daddy 76 illustration.  He baby sitting Baby Gremlin and Kid Sombra.  I thought it be fun to use Reaper for for this because there is a lot of relate Uncle Reaper jokes besides the Daddy 76, Any way lets get down to the Breakdown.

1. Rough

I started with a very Rough Scribble and added a couple extra layers to work out the Details.

2. Line Art

After the Rough was finished I started work on the Line and little changes for comedic affect.

3. Flat Color

Once the line art was done.  I made a later under the line and worked out the silhouette for the characters and clipped the colour to that layer.  I also added a cool textured wall to make the image look a little more gritty.  The way I made the paint faded chipped away on the wall was a random combination of splatter brushes and dry brush lines and dust spots.

4. Final Render.
Once that was all done I started work on the shading and Highlights.  I also added the smokey effect Reaper has during his ultimate and more Lettering, I really love the green of baby's little text saying "PEW PEW PEW PEW".  It really helps it stand out.

Anyway thanks so much for all the love and support, There will Definitely be a third one coming hopefully if  I get to do Dublin Comic Con this year.  It was a great experience and loved seeing all the beautiful Art, Cosplays, Guests and interacting with you.

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